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Вашето запитване е приоритетно за нас!

BRAND TAG “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” -  Pls, contact your Regional Account Manager.

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Welcome to Swarovski Crystal World!


Working with SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS can be meditative, amazing, favorite, and sometimes therapeutic. One can leave the World behind, and focus on simplicity of form, the drama of intense color, the joy of challenge and promise of endurance. Only the passion, great passion can elevate the soul to great things. Swarovski Elements, Crystals are not our work. They are our great passion, because creating crystal form is successful work of Crystal Art.


Rater then resolving contradiction in false harmony, our crystal, our crystal art boldly expresses the idea of harmony by embodying the contradiction, pure and uncompromised in crystal’s innermost structure.

Many fashion organizations and designers have been attracted to various forms of crystals. Crystals can made their imagination a reality. This is just beginning of our work. Our Trade Mark "ELL J ™" working under  "Swarovski Elements"  Identification N:1647746


Ivanova  Eleonora

Executive Manager

CRYSTA EL, Ltd  Bulgaria

We create! What about you...?





First Bulgarian  B2B "Made With Swarovski Elements " development Club